5 Great Valentine’s Day Campaigns on Chinese Social Media

Here are the 5 hottest Valentine’s Day campaigns of 2017:


McDonald’s launched a campaign from February 7th to the 14th asking customers to “Share your kiss photos to enjoy a macaron”. Couples who bought medium or large drinks at McCafés and shared a photo of themselves kissing with the drinks to their WeChat Moments page received a rose macaron.

McDonald’s Valentine’s Day Campaigns 1 McDonald’s Valentine’s Day Campaigns 2 McDonald’s Valentine’s Day Campaigns 3

McDonald’s Valentine’s Day Campaigns 4

Mobike (摩拜单车)

Mobike is a bike sharing network that allows users to rent a bike with an app.

Mobike launched a “Ride your LOVE” Valentine’s campaign.  Participants used the Mobike tracking system to write or draw things on the map, such as

Mobike WeChat account or Weibo Campaigns 1

or …

Mobike WeChat account or Weibo Campaigns 1

↑ Riders saved their screenshots and sent them to the official Mobike WeChat account or Weibo, together with messages to their loved ones.

Mobike WeChat account or Weibo Campaigns 3 Mobike WeChat account or Weibo Campaigns 4

↑ The most creative messages were featured as pop-up announcements to all the app users.

Meiyou (美柚)

Meiyou is a female-oriented app which women use primarily to record their menstrual cycles. It also provides other information about healthy lifestyles.

Meiyou cooperated with eight brands to launch a Weibo campaign called “Prescription for Valentine’s Day” 【情人节处方单】. In this campaign Meiyou listed nine common “symptoms” – both real and metaphorical – that couples may be experiencing along with corresponding fun “prescriptions” featuring the products of cooperating brands.

For reposting the selection below, users could win various prizes provided by Meiyou, and the eight cooperating brands also offered incentives to users for sharing the post on their Weibo accounts.

Meiyou Campaign 1 Meiyou Campaign 2

Darry Ring X Three Squirrels (三只松鼠)

Darry Ring(DR) is a jewellery brand with a unique selling point: A man can customize only one engagement ring ever with them using his registered ID. Last year, DR did a successful Valentine’s Day cross-promotion campaign with DiDi Taxi. This year, DR launched a Weibo cross-marketing campaign with Three Squirrels – a popular snack brand specializing in nuts. Users could participate by leaving a creative sentence about Valentine’s Day with the keywords ”DR” or “Squirrel” under the campaign post. They could also follow DR’s Weibo account for a chance to win special prizes from Three Squirrels.

Darry Ring X Three Squirrels Campaign 1Darry Ring X Three Squirrels Campaign 2Darry Ring X Three Squirrels Campaign 3Darry Ring X Three Squirrels Campaign 4

HP Sprocket

HP launched a video advertising campaign called “Fall in love with the moment” featuring its newly released pocket printer Sprocket. The story is about a boy printing out photos to help his girlfriend retrieve her lost memories from before a car accident and later proposing to her.

HP Sprocket Campaign 1 HP Sprocket Campaign 2 HP Sprocket Campaign 3

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