So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 73, covering 12 – 18 April.

1. China’s GDP grew a record 18.3% in Q1, highest since 1992. (Nikkei Asia)

2. China cross-border e-commerce grew over 46% in Q1 2021, the import and export of China’s cross-border e-commerce totaled 419.5 billion RMB. (China Internet Watch)

3. Drone manufacturer DJI is set to release a new auto-related product. (Kr Asia)

4. 200 million trips expected during China’s Labour Day holiday. (Dao Insights)

5. ByteDance aims to grow ecommerce bisness by over 3x in 2021. (Tech in Asia)

6. China continued to see a rise in the digital reading sector as the number of e-book consumers hit 494 million.  (CGTN)

7. Several Chinese feminist channels were shut down on Douban, triggering online discontent. (SCMP)

8. Chinese retailer Suning expects to earn a profit of RMB 450 – 550 million in Q1 2021.  (Kr Asia)

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