So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 100, covering 18 – 24 October.

1. Li Jiaqi, a top livestreamer, sold goods for US$1.9 billion on the first day of Double 11 pre sales. (Bloomberg)

2. JD Logistics released its 5G automated warehouse that will automatically manage and operate the entire logistics process. (Pandaily)

3. RED apologied for misleading travel reviews. A Weibo hashtag titled “Drastic contrast of filtered pics on Xiaohongshu” had attracted 400 million views. (Technode)

4. WeChat tests multiple account registration for users, paving the way for work-life separation. (Kr Asia)

5. Alibaba, is set to reduce its carbon emissions over Double 11 by 26,000 tonnes. (Dao Insight)

6. China targets non-fossil energy consumption will exceed 80% of the country’s total energy use by 2060. (Bloomberg)

7. China has passed an education law that seeks to cut the “twin pressures” of homework and off-site tutoring in core subjects. (Reuters)

8. Douyin and Kuaishou were both fined US$31,110 for promoting overconsumption. (Pandaily)

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