So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 132, covering 7 – 13 Jun.

1. The Chinese economy did not fare well in the second quarter. But May saw an economic rebound, which is likely to strengthen in the third quarter. (China Daily)

2. Alibaba’s cloud services unit jumps on the NFT bandwagon amid a global market downturn for these digital assets. (South China Morning Post)

3. China’s May new yuan loans seen rebounding as the central bank ratchets up policy support for the slowing economy. (Reuters)

4. China has called on SMEs to hire fresh college graduates. Statistics from the Ministry of Education suggest the number of college graduates in 2022 is expected to reach a record high of 10.76 million. (CGTN)

5. Tmall has introduced “customised” live streaming. For the first time, the general public will be invited to vote on which hands-on activities they want to see in a live brand session. (Dao insights)

6. Baidu uses a metaverse app to unveil its first commercial self-driving car. While Baidu has been at the forefront of the AI and self-driving cars race in China for years, this marks the first commercial robot vehicle to be launched by any Chinese tech company. (Radii)

7. SF Express got the permit to trade data on Guiyang Big Data Exchange. SF express can now trade its data products and services on the exchange, offering services like verifying place of residence. (Technode)

8. JD for food delivery? Under the arrangement, merchants will operate through the JD Daojia app, and DADA Group is to be made responsible for delivery logistics. (Pandaily)

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