So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 134, covering 21 – 27 Jun.

1. More regulations for live stream hosts? Streamers must now uphold good political values and social values, create and promote more “positive” stories and maintain a “wholesome” taste. (Technode)

2. China’s cross-border e-commerce industry has enjoyed rapid growth, expanding 10-fold in the past five years. However, the explosive growth is over and merchants need to develop their own brands to retain customers. (South China Morning Post)

3. China completes overhaul of antitrust law to corral Big Tech. Legislation takes effect on August 1st, keeping pressure on the sector despite earlier signs of easing. (Nikkei Asia)

4. Apple has thrilled users on Douyin with its landing on the app, amassing more than 300,000 followers in just one day. This was right after Apple was picked ‘best seller’ in 618. (Dao insights)

5. Backstreet Boys join Westlife for an online concert on WeChat. A total of 44.2 million users watched the WeChat concert, sending around 25.5 million “cheers” through the app’s interactive function during the performance. (Radii)

6. China’s latest commitment to expanding high-level opening-up is expected to reassure foreign investors of the nation’s promise to “relentlessly open its door wider and share development dividends with the rest of the world”. You say? (China Daily)

7. Bilibili has become the subject of widespread public criticism after it launched paid single video and video series features. Bilibili has lost money in the previous three years with a total net loss of 11.1 billion yuan ($165.76m). Having accumulated 294 million MAUs and more than 20 million paid members, the site’s first priority is to introduce more ways of making money in the near future. (Shine China)

8. Shanghai to gradually allow dining-in at restaurants from June 29. The authority listed six requirements that restaurants must meet to reopen, including official evaluation, capacity limits, strict disinfection and digital entrance control, among others. (CGTN)

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