So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 152, covering 25 – 31 Oct

1. Alibaba highlighting smaller KOLs? Alibaba is showcasing up-and-coming live streamers, as its reliance on a few super influencers has left it vulnerable to reputational risks. Li Jiaqi remains Alibaba’s biggest star, but the company hasn’t released Singles’ Day data about him. (South China Morning Post)

2. China’s service outsourcing industry sees stable growth. Chinese firms signed service outsourcing contracts worth about 1.379 trillion yuan (about $192.7 billion) in the January-September period, up 12.9% yoy. (Shine)

3. China’s major cultural firms recovered during the first 3 quarters. The operating income of China’s major cultural enterprises hit 8.65 trillion yuan ($1.19 trillion) in the first 3 quarters of 2022, an increase of 1.4% yoy. (CGTN)

4.  Lululemon under fire in China? The brand went into controversy when complaints online highlighted the brand’s declining quality. Some consumers reported online lululemon textiles differed from local locations. As a result, Chinese consumers are now choosing procurement services. (Pandaily)

5. Chinese Tesla owners angered by price cuts. Tesla announced price cuts for certain Tesla cars in China. The news has triggered outcry from many of the brand’s recent customers. Some have even taken to WeChat to form support groups and demand price matches. (Radii)

6.  Meituan is hiring new employees for Hong Kong expansion. Meituan has started hiring new employees amid its expansion into Hong Kong. Most of the positions currently being advertised included strategic analysts, product managers, and delivery leaders. (Technode)

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