So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 153, covering 1 – 7 Nov

1. China to become world’s biggest football nation? The country plans to build between 16 and 18 football cities between 2021 and 2025. China also unveiled last month a comprehensive reform and development plan to revive its women’s football, outlining project timelines until 2035. (Shine)

2. Tencent and China Unicom receive approval for edge computing joint venture. Subsidiaries of China Unicom and Tencent will hold 48% and 42% of the new company. Employees of the joint venture will own the remaining 10% of shares. (Technode)

3.  China quashes market rumours of quicker end to zero-Covid policy. Still, a rally in US-listed Chinese stocks went unabated. The Nasdaq Golden Dragon Index of 65 Chinese stocks has risen 4.8% over the last two sessions. (Bloomberg)

4.  China has ceased to report app data metrics in the country — since July 2022. This makes it difficult for analysts to assess the health of the industry. There were 2.32 million apps operating in mainland China at the end of June, down 8% from 2.52 million at the end of 2021. (South China Morning Post)

5. China pushes high-level opening-up? China announces its plans to facilitate commodity, service, and institutional free flow. More global openness to advancements in technology and engineering will also be pushed. While Covid lockdown persist, many remain sceptical. (China Daily)

6.  Chinese netizens using Douban as a digital graveyard? The ‘Douban Cemetery’ group creates digital obituaries for the departed. These obituaries include names, birthdates, death dates, and Douban homepages. Members can see the deceased’s favourite music and movies on these pages. (Radii)

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