So, What’s Up in China? 🇨🇳 Issue 160, Covering 20 Dec – 26 Dec

1. Anti-viral clothing the latest craze in China? Chinese companies are producing “anti-viral” clothing and fabrics. Although the technology behind it is suspect, there is still hype. Annil, a clothing brand, saw its stock price riding high at 23.07 yuan ($3.30) per share since their launch of anti-viral clothing. (The China Project)

2. China home to 110 cities with gigabit 5G. The number of 5G base stations in these cities has reached 22 per 10,000 people, which is greater than the national average of 15.7. (CGTN)

3. Grassroots fever clinics spring up across China. Guangzhou has boosted its fever clinics from 114 to 199 as it’s predicted that the Covid outbreak peaks in early January. (Global Times)

4. China’s logistics networks are being strained. Many cities were shut down during Double 11 in early November, but now, with most restrictions relaxed, many logistics workers have fallen ill, hence parcels and food deliveries are piling up. (PanDaily)

5. China calls on domestic manufacturers to preserve the country’s status as the world’s factory. Apple is rethinking its reliance on Chinese vendors. In the face of global shocks, China has pushed domestic firms to increase their supply chain resilience and advance up the value chain. (SCMP)

6. Tencent launches pandemic supplies sharing platform. Tencent created a Covid-19 pharmaceutical mutual aid miniprogram. As more Chinese get Covid and panic-buy fever reducers and other pharmaceuticals, the miniprogram lets users share them. (OEEEE)

7. China urges faster steps on rural vitalization. President Xi says the country must establish an eco-friendly, low-carbon agriculture, advance its farming civilization, and promote commonwealth. (China Daily)

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