So, what’s up in China? ?? Issue 94, covering 6 – 12 September.

1. China’s government will provide more support to people struggling financially. It will pay the premium for pension funds l, provide aid in medical services, education, housing and employment, according to a human rights action plan for 2021-2025 released by the State Council. (Bloomberg)

2. WeChat plans to launch a paid cloud storage service. (Technode)

3. Chinese social media platform Douban suspends reply function while regulators zoom into the fan culture. (Kr Asia)

4. China’s regulators said to slow their approval of new online games. (SCMP)

5. Chengxin Youxuan, the community group-buy unit of Didi Global, is to shut down operations in 22 provinces, accounting for more than 60% of its service locations. (Technode)

6. Xpeng releases world’s first intelligent robot horse that people (children mostly) can ride. (Pan Daily)

7. Meituan announced a digital RMB trial on its bike-sharing platform. (Dao Insights)

8. China doubles rewards for consumer fraud whistleblowers to up to US$155,000. (Nikkei Asia)

9. Beijing is projected to become the “hottest” tourist destination during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Tour bookings are up 800 % vs last year. Could the reason be Universal Beijing Resort’s opening? (China Daily)

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