WeChat Data: Q2 2017 Financial Report

On August 16th, Tencent updated the latest WeChat data for monthly active users and summarized its recent performance in its financial report for Q2 2017. 

Let’s have a look at the latest WeChat data in more detail.

Key takeaways


“In Q2 2017, Tencent saw robust growth in multiple businesses, which allows us to continue to invest in innovation and new technology while facing increasingly fierce competition. Our mobile payment services, especially the rapid popularization of WeChat Pay in offline transactions, have made the daily lives of Internet users easier and more efficient,” said Ma Huateng, aka Pony Ma, the founder, president, chief executive officer and executive board member of Tencent Inc.





In early August, Tencent also released a report about mobile payment usage in China in 2017 based on a sample data set from WeChat Pay in 324 Chinese cities along with an online survey of 6,595 respondents.

You can check it here: 2017 Mobile Payment Usage in China Report.


WeChat has also increased its advertising resources by lowering the subscriber threshold for “bloggers” on WeChat* and developing its self-service ad exchange platform that now allows advertisers to launch Moments ads to targeted audiences in first-tier cities.

*“Bloggers (流量主)” here refer to official accounts with over 5,000 subscribers. They can apply to have banner ads displayed under their WeChat articles (Account ads, 公众号广告). Previously, the threshold was 20,000 subscribers.

News on WeChat updates

1. WeChat users can now delete infrequent contacts

Go to “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Infrequent Contacts” – “Select Filter”

Infrequent Contacts Compile 1

WeChat offers three parameters to help users identify their infrequent contacts in WeChat:

Infrequent Contacts Compile 2

After users select one of more of these three parameters, WeChat will find contacts fitting the criteria so user can delete them. Alternatively, they can choose not to share their Moments posts with these contacts or they can hide these users’ Moments.

2. WeChat users can now shut down their own account

Go to “Settings” – “Account Security” – “WeChat Security Center”

WeChat Account Shut Down

After users submit an application to shut down their WeChat account, WeChat will check whether they meet the following requirements:

What do you think of the latest WeChat data? Have you ever tried mini programs or WeChat Pay? Do you think its “Infrequent Contacts” function is helpful?

Leave a comment below. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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