Weibo and WeChat Release Their Financial Reports for Q1 2017

On May 16th and 17th, Weibo and WeChat released their financial reports for Q1 2017 respectively, revealing the platforms’ latest statistics.


By the end of March this year, the number of monthly active users (MAU) on Weibo reached 340 million, which has surpassed Twitter whose number of monthly active users was approximately 328 million for this period. Moreover, their total revenue reached 1.37 billion RMB, with year-on-year growth of 76%, which exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts.

Below let’s have a look at the latest Weibo statistics in more detail:

1. Core statistics


2. The increase in the number of active users on Weibo is the highest on record


i. Monthly active users (MAU): 340 million

ii. Daily active users (DAU): 154 million

3. The growth in revenue is also the highest in two years.


4. Short videos have become key content on Weibo.


i. Cooperation with famous cultural brands and institutions for IP rights to broadcast short videos IP合作

ii. Top users 头部用户

Top content producers have average post views exceeding 100,000.

Weibo is encouraging content producers to make more short videos. The number of short videos uploaded by these top users saw an annual increase of 176%.

iii.  Ordinary users 普通用户

There’s a 40% increase in the number of short videos uploaded by ordinary users, compared to Q3 2016.

In Q1 2017, Weibo released “Slideshow (光影秀)” and “Weibo Story (微博故事)”, providing more options to encourage users to produce more interesting and visually appealing short video stories.

With “Slideshow”, users can create a dynamic photo album. “Weibo Story” is a new function similar to Instagram Story and Facebook Story where users can upload images or short videos with stickers and other special effects.

5. Greater marketing and advertising efficiency


i. Brand advertisements 品牌广告

There was annual growth of 89% in revenue from this type of advertising.

The amount that the top 20 clients invested in this type of advertising had an annual increase of over 200%.

Diaopai, a traditional Chinese detergent brand, achieved a rise of 23% in user preference, by adopting a “Videos + Social media” marketing mode.

ii. Small and medium-sized businesses and self-service advertisements 中小及自助广告

There was annual growth of 97% in revenue from this type of advertising.

App advertising (应用家) and embedded advertisements were the preferred ad types. .

BLOVES, a Chinese diamond and jewellery retailer, has successfully increased its monthly average sales by over 1,000,000 RMB, by advertising on Weibo to its target customers – young people and white collar workers.

iii. Video advertisements 视频广告

The number of clients has risen by 50% compared to Q4 2016.

Weibo is now developing new advertising products in the form of videos and is trying to work with video bloggers to create a business ecosystem.

These statistics mean that advertisers and marketers are gradually acknowledging the influence of Weibo, as one of the most popular social media platforms in China. The advertising market share on Chinese social media is expected to continue to grow.


WeChat updated its monthly active user stats and summarized its recent updates in its Q1 2017 financial report. The report also reveals Tencent’s financial performance.

Tencent’s revenue growth in Q1 2017 was driven by smartphone games, payment-related services, digital content subscriptions, PC games and social ads, said Ma Huateng, (aka Pony Ma), the founder and CEO of Tencent Inc.

Let’s have a look at the latest WeChat statistics in more detail:

WeChat 03

WeChat 04

WeChat 05

WeChat 06

WeChat 07

WeChat 08

What do you think of Weibo and WeChat’s recent performance? Does this give you any insights on marketing and advertising on WeChat and Weibo?

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