Collaborating with KOLs is a relatively nascent medium and the expertise of ‘how to work’ with these influencers is still developing in both the supply and demand sides. KOL marketing is neither a fad nor a dying niche and is very much here to stay — and only growing. Here are six principles f...
Eligible KOLs can help brands and products to raise awareness or drive sales. However, fake KOLs are increasingly common in China’s online social platforms. They harm the interests of advertisers, waste money and affect brand communication. Therefore, marketers need to utilize a professional digit...
KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) are powerful influencers on Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, Yizhibo and Miaopai, etc. Many businesses are looking for agencies and platforms that can help them find suitable KOLs, run a KOL campaign and reach Chinese consumers. We’ve compiled a li...
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