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Master WeChat and Weibo Marketing with our Guidebooks

ChoZan’s WeChat and Weibo guidebooks will transform you into a Chinese social media expert.

Our guidebooks summarize 7 years of agency intelligence and experience and provide you with solid knowledge of WeChat and Weibo marketing. They’re designed for marketers who want to understand WeChat and Weibo and learn how to leverage them for marketing and promotion. They’re easy to digest, with practical instructions to guide you on actual execution. With ChoZan’s WeChat and Weibo guidebooks, you’ll transform into a Chinese social media expert. Our guides can also be used to train internal teams and keep them up-to-date on the latest trends.

The most comprehensive self-learning materials on WeChat and Weibo marketing

Easy navigation, actionable information and constant updates

Summary of 7+ years of agency expertise

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Get either WeChat or Weibo guide.

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Get both WeChat and Weibo guides.

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We help you excel at social media marketing today.


The most comprehensive guide to WeChat and Weibo marketing


Training to solidify and enhance your team’s social media marketing knowledge and skills


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