A List of MCNs in China

Currently in China, MCNs are so common that it can be difficult for brands to work with KOLs without going through an MCN first. The vast majority of top-tier and mid-tier KOLs in China work with an MCN.

Here’s a useful list of influential MCNs in China.

What are MCN (multi-channel network) ?

MCN stands for multi-channel network. It’s the same as an influencer network. While there are a few in the West that dominate certain platforms and one that was even bought by YouTube early on to help it enhance the quality of the platform’s content, there are thousands in China.

MCNs work with social media platforms to attract new followers and provide the platform with influencers and content. They also train the influencers, or KOLs (key opinion leaders) as they’re called in China.

The goal of MCNs is to grow their network so they can get bigger and better clients to advertise with them, get more popular influencers and amass a large following for their KOLs.

Antipodal Talent 

  • Website: www.antipodal.com
  • Key Contact: Grant Gulovsen
  • Email: info@antipodal.com
  • Based in: Chicago, Beijing
  • Founded in: 2015 (2 years in operation)
  • Company size: 5 people
  • Intro: Antipodal Talent is a U.S.-based creative and talent management agency that helps Western companies successfully enter and promote themselves in the Mainland Chinese marketplace. Antipodal Talent’s primary mission is KOL management and they represent a variety of KOLs, including models, actors, influencers and Internet celebrities, many of whom are active live streamers.
  • Services: KOL and Internet Celebrity Talent Management, KOL Marketing Strategy, KOL Live Streaming Campaign Management.
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Yizhibo, Youku, Huajiao, Inke, Miaopai, Taobao, Tencent TV, etc.
  • Industries served: Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Mobile Apps and Mobile Games.
  • Key Competitive Advantage: Antipodal Talent started out as a talent management agency and has direct contractual relationships with all the KOLs and internet celebrities they work with. They are pioneers in the Chinese live streaming space – having managed the only official foreign talent union on the Huajiao live streaming network as well as having a founder who is the only officially registered foreign live streamer on Taobao Live. They pride themselves on being upfront with their clients about the many challenges foreign companies face in China, especially those venturing there for the very first time. Their #1 goal is to help their clients be successful, even if that means advising them not to proceed.
  • Tips: They’ve written several articles about using KOLs in China, including one entitled “How to Select an Internet Celebrity for Your Chinese Social Media Campaign” , and appeared in a TechCrunch video entitled “Live-streaming in China” .
  • Current clients include: Huajiao, NetEase, Todd Anthony Tyler, Daniel Ramamoorthy, Nolcha Shows, WiredIn, BlockAdblock.com, Roker Media, MMC.


  • Website: www.asiakol.com
  • Key Contact: Jeacy Wu
  • Email: contact@asiakol.com
  • Based in: Shanghai, Taipei
  • Founded in: 2016 (1 year in operation)
  • Company size: 60 people
  • Intro: They’re a Taiwanese company providing influencer marketing strategy and other related services for clients who want to broaden their business in other Asian countries.
  • Services:  KOL Research, KOL Management, KOL Marketing Campaigns, KOL Marketing Strategy, KOL Database, etc.
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Meipai, Yizhibo and other live streaming platforms.
  • Industries served: Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Childcare, Technology, Food.
  • Key competitive advantages:  They’re in touch with KOLs from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and South-east Asia. They specialize in helping clients broaden their business, arouse brand awareness and boost sales across Asia.
  • Tips: Find the right KOL. Let them create content in their original style while retaining key information. Keep it authentic.
  • Current clients include: Estee Lauder Taiwan, L’Oreal Taiwan, Kao Worldwide Taiwan, Nestle Taiwan, etc.

Beauty Q(快美妆)

  • Website: http://www.kuaimeizhuang.com/#/index
  • Key contact: 13917231294
  • Email:  fangzhi@kuaimeizhuang.com (方智)
  • Based in: Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Company size: 200 people
  • Intro: Beauty Q is a leading MCN company in China specialized in women’s fashion, the goal of which is to nurture KOLs providing high-quality fashion content, to provide diversified marketing solutions, to develop e-commerce based on women’s fashion, and to explore the field of ‘payment for knowledge’. Currently the company has more than 200 talented exclusive KOLs and accounts, attracting over 100 million fans.
  • Services: KOL incubator, KOL e-commerce, KOL marketing
  • Platforms: Taobao, Weibo, Bilibili, Tiktok, Xiaohongshu, Yizhibo, Toutiao, Kuaishou, Meipai
  • Industries served: MCN Nurture, Advertisement, ‘Payed Knowledge’
  • Key competitive advantages: Provision of all-rounded high-quality content (both short clips and long videos are covered), Content are well categorized in 50+ sections and highly customized with brands 
  • Current clients include: Dior, Chanel, Hera, Dove, SKII, Watsons, Olay, Tom Ford, Laneige, Shisedo, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Giorgio Armani

Dayu Media (大禹)

  • Website: http://www.dayukeji.com/shangwu.html
  • Key contact: 0512-81886188
  • Based in: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Company size: 800+ people
  • Intro: Positioning itself as a company striving for better and more beautiful content, Dayu Media is one of China’s largest MCN organizations. At the moment, Dayu is certified by Tencent as one of the top developers in the market, always ranked in the top three on lists of new media platforms like Weibo, Tencent and Tiktok. Besides, the company is one of Weibo’s four strategic partners in video productions.
  • Services: MCN Media, ACG, KOL Promotion, IP(intellectual property) collaboration
  • Platforms: Tik Tok, Kuaishou, Weibo, QQ, WeChat
  • Industries served: Beauty, Media Promotion, Animation, Gaming
  • Key competitive advantages: With a broad business scope covering ACG (anime, comics, games) culture, makeup, games, their KOLs are from all walks of life that can satisfy various promotion needs. They also produce original comics and cartoons that are popular among young people. 
  • Current clients include: Vivo, Pizzahut, KFC, Samsung, Fotile, Tencent Games, Alibaba


  • Website: https://www.ergengtv.com/
  • Key contact:+86 15267008822
  • Email: help@ergengtv.com
  • Based in: Hangzhou
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Company size: 500 people
  • Intro: ErGeng is a new media and video content company that provides travel, culture and food videos via various platforms including WeChat, Youku, and Weibo. Its revenues mainly come from advertisement.
  • Services: KOL Livestreaming, KOL Marketing Campaigns, KOL Marketing Strategy
  • Platforms: WeChat, Weibo, Youku
  • Industries served: FMCG, Fashion, Food, Beauty, Vehicles
  • Key competitive advantages: As an MCN with huge influence on all the big platforms, Ergeng is not only capable of providing KOL resources, but also creating good-quality content for customers.
  • Current clients include: BMW, SKII, Calvin Klein, Huawei, Samsung

Hive Media(蜂群文化)

  • Website: http://www.hivemedia.cn/business
  • Key contact: 3001239811 (叶家俊) / 0755 8529 5625 (in general)
  • Email: 278140596@qq.com (深圳总部–媒体公关/品牌合作负责人  余海春)
  • Based in: Shenzhen
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Company size: 800+ people
  • Intro: Hive Media is a content marketing MCN company established in 2014. With its sophisticated use of new media means, like content creation with KOLs and online  video production, and strong emphasis on nurturing self-media talent, the company has become one of the most important players in the Chinese new media market. 
  • Services: KOL Marketing Campaign, Brand Design, Product Promotion, Online Marketing Campaign, Offline Arrangements, Video Production and Promotion
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, Toutiao , Kuaishou,Meipai, Yizhibo 
  • Industries served: Video Production, Gaming, Music, E-Commerce, Fashion, Food, Beauty, Celebrities, Comics
  • Key competitive advantages: Exclusive signing of around 1000+ high-quality KOLs,  emphasis on content authenticity
  • Current clients include: Huawei, PizzaHut, Burger King, Taobao, Olay, P&G, Durex, Lancôme, Skyworth, JD.com


  • Website: www.iconkol.com
  • Email: info@iconkol.com
  • Based in: Shanghai, Hong Kong
  • Founded in: 2016 (1 year in operation)
  • Company size: 2- 10 people
  • Intro: iconKOL is a marketing and advertising company that works with China-based bloggers, foreign brands and companies and brings them together for advertising collaborations.
  • Services: KOL Search, Customized KOL Marketing Campaign, KOL Database, etc.
  • Key competitive advantages: Most companies have already discovered the power of influencer marketing. This concept isn’t new, but what is new is a systematic approach to it. They offer marketers a way to save their most valuable resource: time. Finding the right blogger and getting in touch with them is one of the most time-consuming parts of the job but, with our help, marketers can quickly find key opinion leaders in the industry they work in and leverage them to engage the end consumer.


  • Website: www.kolstore.com
  • Email: kol@microdreams.com
  • Based in: Beijing
  • Founded in: 2012 (5 years in operation)
  • Company size: 100-499 people
  • Intro: KOLSTORE is a Chinese KOL advertising platform. They have information on more than 200,000 KOLs covering Weibo and WeChat. They base their analysis on social influence and ad deal data to help brands better connect with suitable KOLs. They’ve worked with more than 10,000 advertisers and PR and advertising companies so far.
  • Services: KOL Search, KOL Database, etc.
  • Platforms: WeChat and Weibo.
  • Industries served: Entertainment, Film and Television, Fashion, Music, Games, Technology, Finance, Sports, O2O, eCommerce, FMCG, etc.

Louis Communication 楼氏传播

  • Website: www.loushijt.com
  • Email: lscb-hr@loushiniubi.com
  • Based in: Shenzhen
  • Found in: 2013 (4 years in operation)
  • Company size: 500 people
  • Intro: Louis Communication is a communication company that provides KOL services for clients. They have established long-term and exclusive cooperation with nearly a hundred KOLs and celebrities.
  • Services: KOL Management
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Meipai.
  • Key competitive advantage: Most top KOLs with huge follower bases on Chinese social media work with Louis Communication, including @HuiYiZhuanYongXiaoMaJia (回忆专用小马甲) and @ZhuiFengShaoNianLiuQuanYou (追风少年刘全有). Some have more than 50 million followers. These top KOLs are followed by approximately one fifth of all Weibo users.


  • Website: https://www.weibo.com/u/5932557435?is_hot=1
  • Email: schz@papitube.com
  • Based in: Beijing
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Company size: 50 people
  • Intro: Papitube is a short video MCN platform established by Papi Jiang (Papi酱), a famous short video blogger. Papitube finds and incubates video bloggers to help brands effectively promote their products. 
  • Services: KOL Marketing Campaign, KOL Marketing Strategy
  • Platforms: Weibo, Douyin, Bilibili
  • Industries served: Beauty, FMCG, Tourism 
  • Key competitive advantages: Humorous and highly-qualified short video content with a matrix of KOLs. KOLs in Papitube would repost each other’s posts frequently which result in a high interaction and exposure.
  • Current clients include: Tmall, Buick, Singapore Tourism Board


  • Website: www.parklu.com
  • Key Contact: Kim Leitzes
  • Email: sales@parklu.com
  • Based in: Shanghai, Hong Kong
  • Founded in: 2011 (6 years in operation)
  • Company size: 18 people
  • Intro: ParkLU is an easy-to-use KOL marketing platform for brands and agencies to find and engage China’s fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle influencers. Their data-driven technology matches brands with the right influencers. ParkLU’s KOL marketplace and campaign management tools make it easy to launch, track and report on influencer marketing campaigns in days, not weeks.
  • Services: Self-service and full-service options with a ParkLU subscription include KOL Research, KOL Campaign Management, KOL Content Strategy, KOL Database, Brand Ambassador Recruitment and Management, Top-tier and Mid-tier KOL Engagement, KOL network coverage for Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese KOLs.
  • Platforms: WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Meipai, Yizhibo, Inke, Xiaohongshu, Meilimeizhuang, Nice, Instagram.
  • Industries served: Fashion, Beauty, Maternity and Infant Care, Travel & Hospitality, Health & Fitness.
  • Key competitive advantage: ParkLU’s influencer marketplace and campaign system is built by KOLs, marketers, and data geeks passionate about leveraging influencer marketing for brand initiatives. They focus on curating top quality content creators who are pushing creative boundaries in fashion, beauty and lifestyle on China’s key social platforms.
  • Tips:
  • (1) KOLs are trusted voices, not media ad buys. Amplify your cooperation by working with KOLs to empower their voice.
  • (2) Clearly define campaign goals and tracking metrics for measurable KOL marketing success.
  • (3) Focus on sponsoring quality content and maximizing the KOL’s distribution to increase earned media.
  • Current clients include: Abercrombie & Fitch, Blue Nile, Esprit, Hyatt, LG, Swire Group.


  • Website: www.myprad.com
  • Key contact: Zhao Guo
  • Email: zhaoguo@sootoo.com
  • Based in: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou
  • Found in: 2005 (12 years in operation)
  • Company size: 500 people
  • Intro: Myprad is a resources platform for Chinese social media, which provides KOL databases. It’s an affiliated branch of Sootoo which is a social media and online service platform for the Chinese internet industry.
  • Services: KOL Search, KOL Contact, KOL Database, Internet Celebrities recommendations, etc.
  • Platforms: WeChat, Inke, Huajiao and Yizhibo.
  • Industries served: Advertising, PR, etc.
  • Key competitive advantage: Myprad connects advertisers and bloggers directly, which saves their efforts of finding intermediary agents and avoids price differences.
  • Partnered with: Tencent, Baidu, 360, JD.com, China Unicom, Wanda Group, Tenpay, Meituan, Alibaba, iQiyi, Youku, Legend Holdings.


  • Website: www.robin8.net
  • Email: info@robin8.com
  • Based in: Shanghai, Berlin, New York
  • Founded in: 2014 (3 years in operation)
  • Company size: 11-50 people
  • Intro: Robin8 matches global brands with Chinese KOLs to share your content with their social networks. They constantly track and analyze data from the billions of articles that are released every day to create the ultimate curated database of influencers with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.
  • Services: KOL Search, KOL Database, etc.
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, Miaopai, Meipai.
  • Key competitive advantage: Each time you use Robin8, they learn your preferences, get smarter and generate the best results for your campaign. By understanding the nuances behind every influencer and their interests, they can help make PR a simple four-step process every time.


  • Website: http://www.ruhnn.com/
  • Email: media@ruhnn.com
  • Based in: Hangzhou
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Company size: 1,000 people
  • Intro: Listed on the Nasdaq, Ruhan is one of the biggest KOL MCNs in China that nurtures KOLs and enables influencers to sell through e-commerce. Its most famous KOL is Zhangdayi, one of the most successful and famous KOLs in China. 
  • Services: KOL Incubator, KOL e-commerce, KOL marketing
  • Platforms: Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili
  • Industries served: Beauty, Fashion, FMCG 
  • Key competitive advantages: The biggest share of KOL marketing in China and the only MCN to acquire Alibaba shares. As the largest platform of KOL marketing of e-commerce in China, Ruhan has the most KOLs in the industry and is engaged in strategic cooperations with Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili and other platforms.
  • Current clients include: Burberry, Lancôme, Watsons, La Mer

Socially Powerful

  • Website: www.sociallypowerfulmedia.com
  • Key Contact: James Hacking
  • Email: james.hacking@sociallypowerful.com
  • Based in: Head office in London, presence in China and USA.
  • Founded in: 2015 (2 years in operation)
  • Company size: 20 people
  • Intro: They are a full service social agency, focusing on audience attention online. Influencer marketing is one of their main services, working with clients on a global scale, across all social media platforms. For them, influencer marketing is more than just reach, impressions and engagements. They pride themselves on delivering campaigns that mean something and drive tangible and trackable business results.
  • Services: KOL Research, KOL Management, KOL Marketing Campaign, KOL Marketing Strategy, KOL Database, etc.
  • Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, RenRen, QZone, YouKu, Tudou, etc.
  • Industries served: Sports, Gaming, Fashion, Travel, Luxury, Automotive, FMCG, etc.
  • Key competitive advantage: They practice what they preach and share their journey as an agency unlike any other. 
  • Tips: Cut through the noise with content and campaigns that add value to everyone involved – the client, the influencer and most importantly the audience.
  • Current clients include: Huawei, Unilever, Diageo, Tencent.


  • Website: https://www.weinian.com.cn/
  • Key contact: 0571-58120059 / 0571-86656680
  • Based in: Hangzhou
  • Founded in: 2013
  • Company size:500+ people
  • Intro: Weinian is a brand firm with strong emphasis on cross-field consumptions the central mission of which is ‘to let users feel and live a better life’ with their content. 
  • Their method of achieving that is through nurturing KOLs and integrating KOL networks, so as to create a well-rounded structure and better experience for users. Belief and integrity are the core values held by the company. 
  • Services: IP Nurturing (Brand Building), Video Production, Advertisements, Logistics, E-commerce
  • Platforms: Taobao, Weibo, Bilibili, Tiktok, Xiaohongshu, Yizhibo, Toutiao, Kuaishou, Meipai, UC, Facebook, YouTube, CCTV, Tudou
  • Industries served: Intellectual Properties, Food, Beauty, 
  • Key competitive advantages: Strong capability in cultivating influencers, such as Li Ziqi, a Chinese video blogger who focuses on country life that recently became very popular, attracting both Chinese and international fans. With a wide range of KOLs in different categories that can match brands in various industries.
  • Current clients include: Toutiao, Bilibli, Sina, Tmall, JD.com, Youtube, CCTV

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