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A List of 12 Major MCNs in China for 2023

MCNs or Multi-channel networks are quite common in China. They are also essential when trying to contact KOLs for your brand. Most KOLs are affiliated

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Chinese Consumer Behavior Overview

Chinese consumer behavior seems to change faster than in other markets. Increasing exposure to and integration of social media in daily life play a significant

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A Simple Guide to Weibo Story

Weibo Story (微博故事) is a social media platform introduced on April 19th, 2017 that has exploded in popularity recently. Weibo has a  monthly active users

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What are WeChat Mini Programs?

WeChat mini programs achieved over 450 million daily active users in 2021. Their cloud-based ecosystem now comprises more than 3 million of these mini programs.

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A Brief Introduction to WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is an in-app payment feature that allows all WeChat users to pay for transactions quickly on their mobile phones. It’s fully optimised for

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what can nostalgia marketing offer to brands in China

What Can Nostalgia Marketing Offer to Brands in China?

“My Youth is Coming Back!” also known by its abbreviation, Yeqinghui (爷青回), is an internet buzzword that describes the joy of reuniting with your youth after being disconnected from it for a long time.

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Key consumer groups

Two Key Fast-growing Consumer Groups in China & Their Digital Behavior

China, a country with a population of over 1.4 billion, is an enormous, rapidly developing market full of consumers that are changing right along with it. There are two consumer groups that are growing so fast, especially in the digital arena, that we can’t ignore them now or for the next ten years.

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