It’s understandable that many in the West think about SEO on Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, when they want to promote their brand, products or services there. But it doesn't play the same role that Google does in the West. Read on to find out more.
Key consumer groups
China, a country with a population of over 1.4 billion, is an enormous, rapidly developing market full of consumers that are changing right along with it. There are two consumer groups that are growing so fast, especially in the digital arena, that we can’t ignore them now or for the next ten years.
Featured image for 2021 lifestyle trends on RED
While we are already well past one-twelfth of 2021, it’s still not too late to watch out for the top lifestyle and consumption trends in China and plan for 2021 accordingly. In this article, we have translated the top 10 lifestyle trends and keywords in 2021 reported by RED (see the original repor...
Featured image for healthy eating blog
There's been an increase in awareness of health and wellness topics in China. It started even before Covid. Chinese health information platform Dingxiang Yisheng's 2019 National Health Insights Report (2019国民健康洞察报告) shows that 93% of respondents saw their personal health as the most...
Featured image wedding blog
2020 is in fact originally a very desirable year for marriage in the eyes of Chinese. Not only the number “2020” looks parallel (symbolises perfect match and in pairs), but it also sounds like “love you love you” (爱你爱你) in Chinese.  When the pandemic hit, cities were in lockd...
Featured Image for Upcoming trends for 2020 Double 11
Double 11 is just right around the corner. The ChoZan team is excited to share some exciting updates of 2020 Double 11. Some trends have been present in the market for sometime while some are new and will be important in the future years to come. What’s different for Double 11 in 2020? 1. Do...
B2B Channels in China
B2B connections lie at the heart of China’s digital transformation. In 1999, a group of people, led by Jack Ma, started We know about him and Alibaba today because this English-language site that connect small businesses around the world with manufacturers and suppliers in China thriv...
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