A List of 12 Major MCNs in China for 2023

MCNs or Multi-channel networks are quite common in China. They are also essential when trying to contact KOLs for your brand. Most KOLs are affiliated with one of these MCNs so you need to understand how MCNs work. 

There are hundreds upon thousands of MCNs in China, both large and small, so keep in mind that the following list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the more popular ones with whom businesses can work with.

What and How Do MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks) Work?

China’s MCNs are thriving. There are thousands of them in China and the number is growing. MCNs, or multi-channel networks, work in a similar way to influencer networks. They aren’t as common in the West, but they’re thriving in China. 

MCNs are important for content creation because they provide KOLs and influencers with a team of affiliated influencers. They also provide training and even logistical support. All in all, they help consolidate KOL resources across a variety of Chinese social media channels. 

If a brand wants to work with a KOL, it’s hard to find a KOL without the help of an MCN. 

Types of MCNs

There are three types of MCN agencies in China: e-commerce, content, and marketing.


E-commerce MCNs support livestreamers with e-commerce skills or their own burgeoning product brands. The livestreamer is generally responsible for product design and content output while the MCN e-commerce department is responsible for logistical, supply-chain and shop operation management. 

They work with brands looking for endorsements and sell via social e-commerce and livestreaming. Their slick content production and organized management mean they get a lot of traffic that often converts into e-commerce sales. 


Content MCNs attract KOLs who are into content production. They usually produce high-quality short videos for brands. 


Marketing MCNs provide advertisers with integrated marketing solutions and do multi-channel distribution to reach potential consumers. They also do market analysis in order to recommend the best KOL matrix/combination for clients. 

MCN List

E-Commerce Types:

Qianxun (谦寻)

Mei one (美one)

Yowant Network

Wuyou Media

Ruhan (如涵)

Pan-Content types:

Onion Video


Dayu Media (大禹)

Marketing Types:

Hive Media(蜂群文化)


Ividea (青藤文化)

GuMaijiahe (古麦嘉禾)

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