Jacqueline Chan

Jacqueline is Project Director at Alarice and ChoZan. She has hands-on experience in account management for big multinational brands from the FMCG, luxury and hospitality sector. She knows how to develop and execute in-depth digital marketing strategies on the most popular Chinese social media platforms, like WeChat and Weibo, and run creative campaigns on platforms such as Douyin, RED, Zhihu and more. 

As a senior digital marketing trainer at ChoZan, Jacqueline runs comprehensive Chinese social media training programs for Chinese and international teams with a focus on marketing and best practices. Jacqueline has helped clients to train their in-house marketing team and has worked with various chambers of commerce to educate their members about current digital trends in China. She’s also been instrumental in preparing materials for ongoing training with high profile clients such as Huawei.

Jacqueline also has unique experience in leading consultations on modern Chinese consumer engagement and purchasing behavior. Jacqueline presents in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English.



 FMGC, luxury, hospitality, maternity and infant care

The WeChat and Weibo ecosystems

Livestreaming marketing and sales in China 

Chinese KOLs and advertising campaigns 

Effective CRM systems in China 

Chinese outbound tourism 







How do you keep up to date with the Digital Marketing Trends in China?

I am managing several Chinese digital marketing projects for various brands on a daily basis. I will always get the most updated trends, case studies, insightful information about Chinese digital marketing, and I can also speak from my project execution experience. I am always working closely with major Chinese social media platforms and have a solid understanding of the platform’s ecosystems and trends.

Why should I hire you as a trainer?

I am originally from mainland China so I fully understand the Chinese culture and audience. I have 4 years of China marketing experience and 2 years of experience in the training role. Both of which involved working with international clients of different sizes and across different industries. I have offered training for many big brands‘ internal marketing teams, such as Disneyland, Hanglung properties, and helped one of my clients, the biggest American whiskey brand, to provide training for their e-commerce agency. I can deliver insights from both a high-level point of view and a more practical perspective.

How will you prepare a training curriculum for my team?

The training curriculum is customized based on your learning outcomes and your existing knowledge of a particular topic. I will first understand your pain points and expected outcomes for the training, then customize a training curriculum for your team based on your specific situation. You can expect the training to consist of a general topic and tailor-made strategies for your team and company.

What if my team has questions after training?

Each training includes a 15-minute Q&A session in which you and your team can ask me questions related to the topic of the training as well as the content delivered. You can also send me the list of questions via email after the training in case you need more time to prepare your questions. Even after the training ends, we can always set up another consultation call if you and your team run into questions during execution.

What materials do you need from us for the training?

Before the training begins, I will send you a digital form to inquire about the details of the training and the learning needs that you and your team are looking for. The basic information which I need includes your company background, your team’s profile, your previous experience with China digital marketing, the topics of your interest, and most importantly, the pain points and the outcomes that you’re looking for.


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