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5 Social Media Mistakes That Break Brands in China

Chinese social media is more than a platform for socializing and entertaining. It is full of business opportunities. It helps brands reach a mass audience

WeChat Advertising: Find Out Which Option Fits You Best

Given its huge number of active users, WeChat has become a battlefield for advertisers to showcase and promote their products. Currently, WeChat offers two major

WeChat Data: Q2 2017 Financial Report

On August 16th, Tencent updated the latest WeChat data for monthly active users and summarized its recent performance in its financial report for Q2 2017. 

Weibo Statistics: Q2 2017 Financial Report

On August 9th, Weibo released its financial report for Q2 2017, revealing the latest Weibo statistics. By the end of June this year, the number

Selling on Weibo: A Simple Guide to Weibo Window

Promoting sales is the crucial goal of most marketing campaigns. To sell on Weibo or WeChat directly is what many marketers have been thinking about.

5 Types of Content You Need for Weibo Marketing

Weibo is an open social media platform with many brands posting marketing-related material every day. It’s hard to create effective marketing content that attracts attention

Wang Hong Dominate WeChat Social Search Optimization

Wang Hong (网红) know something about future WeChat social search optimization that you don’t, and it’s a game changer that’s only going to increase the ubiquity

A List of Major Chinese KOL Agencies and Platforms

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) are powerful influencers on Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, Yizhibo and Miaopai, etc. Many businesses are looking for agencies

5 Ways to Make Your WeChat Content Go Viral

WeChat has become a battleground for marketers in China. According to data from iiMedia Research, there were over 12 million official WeChat accounts in 2016.

Introduction to Weibo Landing Page Ads

The Weibo landing page (微博开机报头) was originally introduced in 2014 with the aim of providing broad advertising exposure when users first open Weibo. How do

3 Beauty Shopping Apps in China You Need to Know

When mentioning China’s beauty apps, you might think of Meitu Xiu Xiu. Meitu Xiu Xiu is a very successful beauty app that has recently got

Overview of WeChat KOL Promotion

Key Opinion Leaders are powerful influencers on Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat. As opposed to Weibo, which limits users to 140 words per post,