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Who is ChoZan?

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We’re an international team of dedicated Chinese social media marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers and project managers based in Hong Kong. With six years of experience in the rapidly evolving field of Chinese social media, we’ve produced results for multinational corporations, startups, renowned brands, family-run businesses and even government departments.

Our Story

After more than 300 successful campaigns and dozens of happy clients as an agency, we wanted to extend our base and explore new ways of working. Agency work is creative and intense but also expensive for clients and difficult to scale. We thought there must be a better way to serve this growing market need in a way that saved money, time and effort for internal marketing teams and agencies. We were determined to find it!

We realised that there was a great need for direction and advice in regard to the constantly evolving social media landscape in China.

So we asked marketing managers and agencies whether they were ready for comprehensive Chinese social media guides? Would they use a dedicated information hub and consulting helpdesk?

And the answer was a resounding yes-1


ChoZan was born.

What does ChoZan mean?

ChoZan is a romanized spelling of 超赞 . It means “awesome”.
超 – “chao” means “extremely” and 赞 “zan” means “thumbs up”.

Welcome to our “awesome thumbs up” factory.

Our Team

We are content wizards, designers, bloggers, project managers, and strategists who are all working to help you master Chinese social media!



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