ChoZan Webinar #3: How Can Global Tourism Industry Adjust to China’s COVID-disrupted Travelling

COVID-19 has greatly impacted the tourism industry. Consider this recent data: compared to the 420 million RMB reached in 2019 during China’s spring festival, the same period in 2020 reached just 152 million RMB. 

The tourism industry is undoubtedly destroyed, and will experience several stages of recovery.

Overall, sightseeings and restaurants will recover slowly. To begin, the tourism industry may enter a comprehensive recovery when the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issues a notice to resume business activities among travel agencies. A full drive to develop domestic tourism will likely take place when the last COVID-19 patient is cured. As momentum is regained, the industry will at last reach the stage in which normal operations return. If all goes well, the tourism industry may even see a rebound. 

What will you learn?

What will the trends look like?

The expectation of a rebound is not unrealistic considering: 

Here are some action tips for the tourism industry:

What are the trends for the tourism and hospitality market recovery that companies need to watch for and when will these industries rebound? If you would like to know how brands can adjust pre-sales strategies and do cloud travel promotions and livestreaming, check out our webinar for your “Tourism +” Strategy.

About the Webinar

Topic: How Can Global Tourism Industry Adjust to China’s COVID-disrupted Travelling

Speakers: Wendy Chen, Sylvie Xie

ChoZan Webinar #3 – How Can Global Tourism Industry Adjust to China’s COVID-disrupted Travelling

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About the Speakers 

Wendy Chen, Head of Digital Products at ChoZan

Wendy has over 2 years of experience in social media marketing projects. She helps brands understand how to leverage Weibo and niche platforms like Bilibili, Kuaishou, and Mafengwo. She closely tracks social media trends and as an expert on creative media campaigns, Wendy has lots of insights on KOLs and China’s fan economy. As a digital marketing trainer at ChoZan, Wendy has trained multinational clients from the FMCG, fashion and lifestyle sector. Through our exclusive China Marketing Circle, Wendy digs into the latest trends, insights and case studies related to modern Chinese consumers and shares them weekly with hundreds of brands and China watchers.

Sylvie Xie, Social Media Executive at ChoZan

Sylvie is an experienced Chinese social media marketing expert who helps brands to stay on top of the most recent trends for modern Chinese consumers and travellers. She not only runs social media marketing projects, she’s also a knowledgable trainer with a focus on paid advertising and promotional tools such as livestreaming.

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