WeChat VS Weixin, an Essential Guide for Marketers

Understanding the WeChat VS Weixin is crucial for brands looking to expand their reach into the Chinese market. With a population of about 1.4 billion, China is one of the world’s largest countries. As of June 2022, Weixin had 1.299 billion monthly active users in China, with a 3.8% year on year growth rate. Weixin is widely regarded as one of China’s most influential social media platforms.

Many people think that WeChat and Weixin are the same, and that Weixin is only the Chinese name of WeChat. In fact, it is not entirely so.

Let’s dig into those differences.

What are the differences between WeChat and Weixin?

Weixin is the version for mainland users, while WeChat is designed for overseas users, and they don’t belong to the same system or servers.

Though they have similar interfaces and many common functions, these two apps are different from each other in several aspects. Marketers who want to target customers in mainland China should be aware of these major differences, or they may lose potential customers.

Note: In our articles on this blog, we generally refer to Weixin, the China-based version of WeChat by its English name WeChat. We’ve done this for the practical purpose of being more understandable to native English speakers and readers who are familiar with WeChat.

However, there are two versions of WeChat, one for users based in mainland China and one for users based in other locations. To distinguish between the two versions in this article, we will refer to the mainland-based version as Weixin and the international version as WeChat.

Regions, Markets and Official Accounts

Regions and Markets

First of all, as mentioned above, Weixin and WeChat target different user groups in different regions. Weixin operates in mainland China while WeChat serves overseas users.

When users go to the App Store and download the app, the version is determined, whether it is the Chinese version or the international one, by your phone number at your first login. You get Weixin if your phone number is based in mainland China (+86). If not, you get the international version, WeChat.

Official accounts

Similarly, official WeChat accounts also differ from official Weixin account.

Since Weixin and WeChat use different servers, the data of official accounts on WeChat and Weixin are stored in different places. Weixin users, who are the potential clients you’re targeting, aren’t able to search for or subscribe to official WeChat accounts, which are available to overseas users.

Also, they cannot participate in campaigns launched by or enjoy any privileged offered by official WeChat accounts due to strict censorship regulations in mainland China. However, WeChat users can search for official Weixin accounts and participate in their campaigns.

Compile 1
WeChat VS Weixin

↑ For example, when searching for the official account “BBC News India” on Weixin (left) and WeChat (right), there are different results shown on the two apps. You can see that the account “BBC News India” cannot be found on Weixin, as the account targets mainland users.

Therefore, foreign marketers need to distinguish the two different versions of official accounts.

Weixin OA

↑ The website interface of the backend of official Weixin account (mp.weixin.qq.com)

WeChat AA

↑ The website interface of the backend of official WeChat account (admin.wechat.com)

The Wallet system

Another huge difference lies in the two versions’ monetary function, “Wallet” (微信钱包). The Wallet function allows users to complete various kinds of transactions:

For instance, Weixin users can pay for taxis and hotels with their Weixin wallet, either using their bankcards or wallet balance transferred from their bank accounts or from red packets given by their friends.

Nonetheless, WeChat users in foreign regions don’t have the wallet function shown in the WeChat interface before authentication, and only have limited functions displayed even after authentication. The ability to use the wallet outside of China is generally rather limited, except in South Africa.


↑ If WeChat users want to open the red packets and receive the money inside, they need to finish authentication first.

The rationale behind it is that the Wallet functions of WeChat and Weixin are operated in different regions, namely the “China wallet region” and “Foreign wallet region”. As the two regions use different currencies and have different financial regulations, WeChat and Weixin depend on different third-party payment systems.

Even though WeChat users activate their wallet functions, they still could neither transfer money from their foreign bank accounts to their WeChat Wallets, nor withdraw money from their WeChat Wallets.

Moreover, the services provided in the Wallet function for WeChat users and Weixin users are different as well, with Weixin users having more options. For foreigners who live in China or have the willingness to do business with mainland Chinese people, getting a Weixin account would make it more convenient.


Compile 2
WeChat VS Weixin

↑ Compared to the money-related services provided for WeChat users (above), Weixin users have more options (below).

The Video Channels and Live-streaming


There are only a few basic services available in the discovery function of WeChat, and there are no options like live streaming or video channels in the WeChat account. Even if you can click on the live streaming or video links shared by friends, the function options of video and live streaming will not appear in the discovery page.

As a new function only released two years ago, Weixin Channels and live streaming quickly entered the commercialization era in 2022. The video account has gradually expanded its features, including online live streaming, gifting to livestreamers, and shopping, transforming it into a commercial entity. Since hosting many e-commerce shopping events on Double 11 last year, the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) has surged 15 times in 2021.

Weixin channels, which also provide short videos on gaming, beauty, and content more closely related to daily life, are enjoying tremendous growth in active users, while user engagement could be improved. For foreign marketers, the commercial value of a WeChat video account cannot be compared to that of a Douyin account, but it has a good marketing perspective.

Other functions

Other functions also differ relatively slightly between the two apps. For example, the game centers in different regions show different games.

Compile 3

↑ There are differences between Weixin Game Center (left) and WeChat Game Center (right).


In sum, WeChat and Weixin are two different things and marketers can’t approach potential mainland Chinese clients and customers using the overseas version, WeChat. If a brand wants to target customers in mainland China and avoid the inconveniences caused by the functional differences between two versions, they need to register an official Weixin account, instead of an official WeChat account, to do marketing. 

Do you now understand the differences between WeChat and Weixin? Or are you still confused about their differenceDo you now understand the differences between WeChat and Weixin? Or are you still confused about their differences? Contact us here and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

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