Introduction to Weibo Landing Page Ads

The Weibo landing page (微博开机报头) was originally introduced in 2014 with the aim of providing broad advertising exposure when users first open Weibo.

How do Weibo landing page ads look like?

It serves as a powerful mobile advertising tool and pops up the moment users start up the app. The upgraded version, launched in 2017 with advanced functions and features, has garnered huge interest in the mobile advertising community.

The following is a roundup of the ways that the Weibo Landing Page is boosting mobile advertising.


↑ The Weibo landing page accommodates a diversity of promotions from emerging brands, new products and online campaigns to upcoming films.

Types of Weibo landing page ads

1. Static Mode 静态版

Static mobile ads are the simplest and most basic advertising mode. Static advertising images or posters unfold in full screen with a default viewing length of 3 seconds. Users may skip them if they’re not interested.

02 - 1 静态版

2. Interactive Mode 互动版

This mode has a link to a diversity of content such as a designated topic, Weibo post, sales page or channel. The ad offers an entrance and creates a shortcut to a site or page of the brand’s choosing, offering more information or a path to sales enabling conversion from viewers to customers.

03 - 2 互动版

3. Dynamic Mode 动态版

This mode accommodates GIF images of up to 5 seconds in length. These are best deployed with special effects and visuals with eye-catching movement. This mode is also able to support links as mentioned above.

04 - 3 动态版

4. Tips-related Mode Tips联动版

The tips-related function is a big hit for ads. The “tip” pops up at the top of Weibo pages like Friends Circle, Group Weibo, Nearby, etc. in the form of a tiny banner.

The tips-related mode showcases the ad over again in different places, achieving advertising a wider-range and higher-frequency of exposure.

05 - 4 Tips联动版

5. Region-oriented Mode 地域定向版

Instead of appearing to the general Weibo community, this mode offers specialized ad exposure in designated areas. This mode is recommended for strongly region-featured promotions like tourism, local cultural industries, release of a movie with a featured regional story or location.

This kind of ad can reach a highly targeted audience while reducing costs.

06 - 5 地狱定向版

6. iPad-based Mode iPad版

This advertising mode has developed outside of the smartphone-based community. The Weibo Landing Page launched its iPad-based mode with the goal of targeting a more precise market of iPad users who are more likely to be white-collar businesspeople.

The wider screen mode offers a better visual experience and is best suited to advertisers who focus on brand identity or brand essence.

07 - 6 iPad版

Advantages of Weibo landing page ads

1. Greater Exposure

With Weibo’s daily active user (DAU) base of 154 million and monthly active user (MAU) base of up to 340 million by Q1 2017, a landing page ad is highly influential.

According to the latest statistics provided by Trustadata by Q1 2017, Weibo’s exposure is overwhelmingly beyond other platforms based on the number of monthly active users, including Tencent News (135 million), Toutiao (117 million), NetEase News (16.18 million), Sohu News (9.56 million) and Phoenix News (6.46 million).

Based on the information provided by Weibo, one landing page ad can reach at least 95 million Weibo users in a single rotation in theory.

Besides, landing page ads can accommodate both iOS and Android clients with a viewing length of 3-5 seconds, making them flexible and user-friendly.

2. Lower Price

According to statistics provided by Weibo, in contrast to Tencent News at 100 RMB per thousand impressions (CPM), Toutiao at 120 RMB (CPM) and NetEase at 180 RMB (CPM), Weibo is much more affordable at 48 RMB (CPM) with higher quality.


↑ CPM comparison among Weibo, Sohu News, NetEase News, Tencent News, Toutiao and Phoenix News provided by Weibo.

3. Individualized Options

The upgraded landing page ads take advertisers’ individualization needs into account so that they can customize the ad mode with different functions according to their preference. Now they support 6 modes with different features as introduced above with such user-friendly functions as “skip (跳过)” and “link (点击)”.

With the skip option provided, it’s user-friendly and avoids being annoying if the ad doesn’t interest the user. Additionally, a database of users’ skipping behavior can be created to help advertisers track the efficiency of the ads. A link can also be embedded in the landing page ad taking the user to a designated topic, post or sale page to further the connection between the brand and interested customers, enhancing the advertising effectiveness.

The skip and link functions can be freely embedded in different modes as advertisers wish.

Mobile advertising has seen a leap in the advertising industry along with the fast-paced boost of mobile internet technology. Weibo Landing Page could be an avenue to more influential and effective mobile advertising.

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