Natalia Drachuk

Sinologist and China digital marketing trendwatcher with over 5 years of experience. Natalia closely works with large brands and corporates in FMCG, F&B, Luxury, Retail, Tourism, and Jewellery sectors to help them understand modern Chinese consumers and the early signals of changes crucial for success in China. Her knowledge and expertise are highly beneficial for both B2C and B2B projects.


Natalia is a Marketing Director at Alarice and ChoZan. She has many years of experience helping brands understand their audience in China and identify the right solutions for brand success. Natalia leads the ChoZan trendwatching team which provides brands with practical insights on where to spot trends, forecasting its future development and implementing it for new business solutions and strategy. Natalia has a deep understanding of modern Chinese consumers and the factors affecting their purchasing decisions and expectations from brands.

As a senior digital marketing trainer at ChoZan, Natalia has worked with corporates from FMCG, Skincare, F&B, and Tech industries. Apart from helping brands to succeed in China,  she also worked with a variety of companies that are learning from China’s best practices for live-streams, customer journeys, and the China ecosystem operations. Natalia assists in training and consultation preparation focused on China’s key technology developments. Natalia speaks Russian, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Natalia Favourite Quote: 

“Data really powers everything that we do.”



  • China’s Trend Watching
  • China’s Livestreaming Landscape
  • China’s New Consumption Brands
  • China’s Gen Z and Female Consumers
  • China’s Brand Marketing Strategy
  • FMCG, F&B, Skincare and Tech



“ Mason’s insight and knowledge of the China market is remarkable. ”
Amelia Linker
“ We had a great experience with Mason. He was very considerate in listening to our needs and putting together a great plan to move ahead in China. Mason has also trained our team to be able to navigate this complicated market.”
Nina Abel
“ Mason and the team have helped us immensely with our China business expansion. We’ve been on retainer contract with them for over a year now and are very happy with our choice of partner.”
Dmitry Kolesnikov


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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that not only is China technologically ahead of many countries but that working in the China digital marketing field also brings a lot of inspiration. The most exciting thing about working in these fields has to be the possibility to see the implication of technologies; China’s tech giants have fully reshaped the Retail concept, allowing marketing to become more personalized and creative. I think the current China market gives professionals the unlimited potential to communicate with their targeted audience and to co-create products and services together.

The end of 2021 has been marked by the new regulations, and I believe we will see more in 2022. The thing that interests me the most is the further development of social e-commerce under the conditions of strengthening protections regarding users’ personal information and the falling walled gardens. 

When it comes to consumers, I expect the Beijing Olympic games to have furthered National Pride among the Chinese people and their willingness to support domestic ambassadors and brands. Because of this, China’s new consumption brands will definitely be on my watch list for new business models and product features. I also believe that in 2022, lower-tier cities dwellers will be in the centre of the battle for brands to gain their consumption. Following the rise of their income and desire for a better quality of life, lower-tier cities’ populations totalled about 1 billion. Since they are willing to spend more, this market has a lot of potential.

The speed of development of 5G and 6G. It’s expected that by the end of 2025, China’s 5G  users will reach 865 million and will account for 40% of global total users. The mass implication of it will enable a faster exchange of data for different technologies and new services related to experience. While right now Metaverse is just a buzzword, I believe that with further development of 5G and 6G blended reality in China, it will advance to a completely new level.

China is changing so fast that in order to keep up to date with major changes on a daily basis, I monitor major media for news in Chinese. I also regularly check official data from China’s major tech giants to understand the development of new functions. Apart from that, I also work with projects focused on different consumer groups on a daily basis and can quickly see shifts in their demands and shopping behaviour.

I started my journey with China by learning its history, culture, society, and language. This deep knowledge helped me equip an understanding of China’s development and the sentiments among modern Chinese consumers. My knowledge and expertise can also be valuable for companies as I closely monitor trends in China daily and help identify important industry shifts, helping to enact changes for business and marketing strategies in China.


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