ChoZan Webinar #4: Winning in the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Sectors in China Post COVID-19

According to the most recent data, 80% of Chinese consumers are paying more attention to eating healthier after the epidemic. Does it mean that the health, food, and nutrition sectors are on the rise in China post COVID-19? What opportunities do foreign players have in the market? How will existing market players adjust their business models to continue thriving in the post corona era?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, check out our webinar hosted by Wendy and Sylvie from the ChoZan team.

What will you learn?

The pandemic unleashed the potential of digital healthcare

Digital health has already been on the steady rise with the rapid increase in online technology innovations and the consumerism of healthcare. Even before the pandemic outbreak, China’s digital medical services market is expected to reach over 59 million users by the end of 2020 and would grow over 20 times by 2026, reaching a potential market size of $28 billion.

The adoption of digital health in China

During the epidemic, the increased use of digital platforms is one of the clear characteristics of the health sector. Local governments have increased the application of digital technology. 8 provinces have implemented internet-based medical insurance payments, including Hubei, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Heilongjiang and Guangdong. At the peak of the epidemic, the number of people assessing the tele-consults through internet channels increased by 17 times. E-commerce medicine and at-home delivery service have created a key role in the telemedicine ecosystem. Online medical merchants have gained huge progress. Tech giants deployed a large number of virtual support resources to match their service to the needs related to the epidemic. For instance, Alibaba has launched a free online diagnostic service and provide medicine delivery services for some patients with chronic diseases. Tencent launched an internet service platform, Tencent Health Mini Program, to provide comprehensive prevention and control solutions with a number of business partners. JD Health provides free 24-hour consultation.

About the Webinar

Topic: Winning in the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Sectors in China Post COVID-19

Speakers: Wendy Chen, Sylvie Xie

ChoZan Webinar #4 – Winning in the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Sectors in China Post Covid19

For access to the presentation slides of the webinar, please click here.

About the Speakers 

Wendy Chen, Head of Digital Products at ChoZan

Wendy has over 2 years of experience in social media marketing projects. She helps brands understand how to leverage Weibo and niche platforms like Bilibili, Kuaishou, and Mafengwo. She closely tracks social media trends and as an expert on creative media campaigns, Wendy has lots of insights on KOLs and China’s fan economy. As a digital marketing trainer at ChoZan, Wendy has trained multinational clients from the FMCG, fashion and lifestyle sector. Through our exclusive China Marketing Circle, Wendy digs into the latest trends, insights and case studies related to modern Chinese consumers and shares them weekly with hundreds of brands and China watchers.

Sylvie Xie, Social Media Executive at ChoZan

Sylvie is an experienced Chinese social media marketing expert who helps brands to stay on top of the most recent trends for modern Chinese consumers and Chinese tourists. She not only runs social media marketing projects, she’s also a knowledgable trainer with a focus on paid advertising and promotional tools such as livestreaming.

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