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Top-notch Training for Social Media Marketing Teams and Agencies

We provide group and corporate training for marketing teams and social media agencies to get a complete and practical understanding of social media marketing in an interactive format.

Improve the skills of current key employees

Help new employees become experts faster

Keep up-to-date on trends and industry standards


standard 1-day training

4 modules covered

(approx. 6 hours of training in total)

US$ 12,500

standard 2-day training

8 modules covered

(approx. 12 hours of training in total)

US$ 20,000

Look for Custom Training?

We also provide customized training for companies with specific learning outcomes, group sizes and timelines. Contact us for more information!

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The most comprehensive guide to WeChat and Weibo marketing


Training to solidify and enhance your team’s social media marketing knowledge and skills


1-on-1 consultation session to validate your business case in the China market