A New Feature for Mini Programs: Store Mini Program

On April 26th, WeChat launched a new Mini Program feature called the “Store Mini Program” which shows users basic information about an offline store, similar to a virtual business card.

How does the “Store Mini Program” feature work?

Firstly, despite its name, it’s not currently a mini program but a feature related to mini programs.

Each official WeChat account can use this feature. It provides the same information as a business card such as the business name, address, shop description, opening hours, contact number and restaurant photos.

The store mini program can be added at the end of articles allowing readers easy and consistent access to information about the store. It can also be associated with the store’s official WeChat account and added to their account menu.

Users can search for store mini programs and send them to WeChat friends. It allows brands an entry point to mini programs, in a way that satisfies their basic needs, without having to commit to a full mini program.

In the future, the store mini programs will offer both coupon and payment functions.


↑ An example of a store mini program.

What are the characteristics of store mini programs?

  1. Standard structure : This makes them easy for users to recognize, identify, and remember.
  2. Only for offline stores : Since only stores with physical locations can use this feature, when users see a store mini program, they clearly understand this is an offline store. The business’s nature is specific and easy to understand.
  3. Easy to create : They can be created quickly and easily using the official WeChat account backstage. There’s no need for programing knowledge or professional expertise.

How to create store mini programs?

1. For brands that haven’t opened the “store management (门店管理)” function, click “plugins add function (添加功能插件)” – “small stores program (门店小程序)” to apply.


2. For brands that have already opened the “store management (门店管理)” function, update the “store management” function to “store mini program”.


3. Enter the basic information for the store, such as the name, a business description, the address, etc. The store name should the name as the store mini program and can’t be changed after approval.


What do you think of store mini programs? Do you want to keep updated on new WeChat features? Leave a comment below. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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