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How qualified is the ChoZan team?

We’re an international team of dedicated Chinese social media marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers and project managers based in Hong Kong. With six years of experience in the rapidly evolving field of Chinese social media and we’re constantly learning more. We’ve produced more than 300 successful campaigns and gotten results for multinational corporations, startups, renowned brands, family-run businesses and even government departments.

Can I share my subscription with colleagues or friends?

Sorry, no. They are individual and non-transferable.

What are the benefits of a corporate subscription?

The biggest benefits of corporate membership are priority access to our Helpdesk and extra time for one-on-one consultations. In addition, a team discount applies to the three enrolled members. So, if you have a team of social media marketers, make sure all of them are subscribed for best results.

How comprehensive are the navigators?

Well, very. Each navigator includes detailed information on user behaviour and preferences; setting up and customizing the accounts; advertising; developing strategies and campaigns; launching engaging content and creating a community; managing users’ interactions; finding, auditing and engaging influencers. The Weibo Navigator, for instance, is over 200 pages of high quality information and examples. The total ChoZan navigator page count is over 900 so far. It’s comprehensive.

Can I subscribe for 1 month only?

No, sorry. ChoZan subscriptions are yearly.

If I have a pressing question, can I call your office directly?

Sure. During our office hours from 09:00 – 18:00 (UTC+8), you can contact us at (+852) 3709 2258 if you have a pressing question. Outside office hours, we ask you to send a Helpdesk request and we’ll do our best to handle it first or call back once it’s received.

If I need help launching a campaign or creating content will you do this for me?

No, sorry. However, we can recommend several agencies that could. If you need help launching campaigns or activating your social media, just drop us a line via our Helpdesk and we’ll be in touch with options for you to choose from.

Who will help me when I book a consultation?

You will speak with the ChoZan team member who specializes in the particular area you have questions about. For instance, if your question is about crisis management on WeChat, a team member with experience in this area will speak with you on the phone.

How do I keep track of how much time I have left for one-on-one consultations?

The system will do that for you. You just log in to your membership site and check in the account section.

What if a ChoZan expert can’t answer my question right away?

If there’s something we can’t answer right away, we’ll get back to you with answers within 24 hours.

What if I want to top up my hours for one-on-one consultations?

Sure, just drop us a line at and our representative will get in touch.

If I need a recommendation on the best agency or partner, can you help?

Sure, just send us a note via our Helpdesk. We have been working in this industry for many years and have a list of partners we know and trust. We’d be happy to give you several provider options to cover your needs.

Can I cancel the subscription and get a refund?

You can cancel any time, however due to the nature of our product ChoZan doesn’t provide refunds. If you really feel you are not getting value out of your ChoZan membership, contact us and we’ll chat.

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