ChoZan Webinar #1: How Can Brands Adapt to China’s New Normal in 2020?

COVID-19 has brought drastic changes to people’s lives across the globe. People are advised to stay at home, minimise social interactions, work from home, etc. In the post COVID-19 times, the new normal in China has created new demands and new consumer behaviours. For instance, more people started baking at home so there was a rise in demand of small baking ovens. The demand for massage machines also rose as people couldn’t go out. With people wearing masks out, make up products such as lipsticks became unnecessary. These are just a few quick examples, the lesson here is that some of these patterns will go, while some will stay forever.

We will be sharing how the coronavirus outbreak and the measures to prevent its spread are affecting the mindsets and behaviours of Chinese consumers, what we think the long-term effects will be and how brands can operate best in the new normal that is coming our way. Check out our first-ever webinar delivered by our ChoZan team members Jacqueline and Amy to find out more.

What will you learn?

  • How Chinese consumer preferences and behaviours have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak
  • How you should adjust your marketing and e-commerce strategies in 2020
  • How brands can excel in digital marketing during this time and what are the common pitfalls

For access to the presentation slides of the webinar, please click here.

The new normal brings a stronger than ever online-to-offline shift

The online-to-offline consumption has proven to be more robust than ever. In 2019, 57% of urban families bought FMCG via O2O, making 5.5 trips per year and 107 RMB per trip on average. Generally speaking, consumers are willing to pay 30% more on O2O compared to a store trip. During the pandemic, older generations are embracing online technologies and consumers across all age groups show a strong preference and migration to online purchasing behaviours. There is also a significant growth in community retail where consumers within the same neighbourhood will purchase daily necessities in bulk through online channels, fully utilizing the power of group purchasing and creating new consumption scenarios.

The propelled adoption of digital healthcare services

The pandemic has reinforced people’s trust in telemedicine. While we have already seen developments and integrations in the industry covering fields of treatment, medication, examination and insurance, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare services in epidemic prevention and control. The National Health Commission (NHC) promoted the use of internet-based medical services to reduce the risk of infection, which in turn drove the exponential increase in the user base and engagement of China’s online medical platforms. For instance, Ping An Good Doctor, one of China’s largest healthcare platforms, saw a 900% surge in new users, and 800% surge in online consultations just across 2 months (from December 2019 to January 2020).

About the Webinar

Topic: How can brands adapt to the new normal in 2020?

Speakers: Jacqueline Chan, Amy Cheung

ChoZan Webinar #1 – China’s new normal after the Coronavirus and how can brands adapt in 2020

About the Speakers 

Jacqueline Chan, Project Director at ChoZan

Jacqueline has more than 5 years of experience leading social media marketing projects and deeply understands China’s unique social media landscape. She has helped develop and execute successful China strategies for high profile clients and has unique experience in leading consultations and training on modern Chinese consumer engagement and purchasing behaviour.

Amy Cheung, Social Media Executive at ChoZan

Amy has over 4 years of experience with Chinese social media. She’s a blogger herself and has done training for big corporations with a focus on the latest trends and insights on modern Chinese consumers.

Check out this webinar right now to get the most actionable insights! You can also visit our ChoZan webinar playlist on YouTube to check out our entire webinar series. Read this blog article titled “Fighting the Epidemic: What Did China’s Entertainment Industry Do?” for more insights.

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