Jackie is the Head of Trainings at ChoZan. As a digital marketing researcher, he is very familiar with the most important trends happening in China’s digital space and changing industries. On a daily basis, Jackie monitors consumers’ sentiments to catch early signals and then help teams accordingly adjust their activities on Chinese social media, and get the most of marketing communications with modern Chinese consumers.

As a senior digital marketing trainer at ChoZan, Jackie helps big and mid size multinational corporations educate their teams on learning how to develop key themes and execute marketing campaigns, creating great content while having important discussions in mind, and planning overall digital marketing strategies for the Travel, Retail, Luxury, and Entertainment industries. He also has an in-depth understanding of the most recent updates and functions of China’s biggest social media platforms, like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, RED, Zhihu and more. He is also a regular contributor to our ChoZan blog and other media.

Jackie deeply understands modern Chinese consumers and China’s digital landscape. Apart from helping companies learn how to run successful operations in China, he also trained a large corporate team on how to learn from China’s best practices for their domestic markets. Jackie can deliver training and workshops in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and English.

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  • Best practices of the content creation for WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, RED, Zhihu
  • China’s tech giants ecosystems
  • Chinese domestic and outbound tourism
  • China’s male consumers online behaviour
  • Latest changes of the entertainment industry






What are the skills every company shall train their China team on in 2022?

In the post-Covid-19 era, almost everything in China can be done online from retail to education and even medical consultations. Brands, especially those who are not yet digitised, will need to embrace the accelerating digitisation trend to digitise their businesses. Also, group buying, live commerce and private traffic are continuing to gain momentum, while social networking is playing a more and more significant role in the e-commerce arena. 

As a result, companies should train their China team on the latest digital marketing trends, live commerce, private pool building, as well as how to practice OMO (online merges offline) commerce in order to create a seamless journey for consumers with synchronised and immersive experience.

What are your favourite topics you’ve consulted / prepared content for in the past year?

My favourite topic that I’ve prepared content for in the past year is about the latest development of new retail and ecosystems in China. It was very exciting to see the latest technologies such as robots, AI and unmanned tech that empower China’s new retail. Also, it was interesting to learn about the new consumption brands in China. They take advantage of the new retail trends, so they are able to detect and react to the market changes quickly and realise faster product development, which are good successful examples that foreign brands can learn from.

What was something you learned recently and blew you away?

Recently, it was also interesting for me to learn that today’s Chinese consumers are playing a role more than consumers. With a changing online purchase journey influenced by social functions, the relationships between consumers and brands or retailers are becoming more and more diverse. Chinese consumers are developing new relationships with brands by playing the roles of content creators, promoters, product developers and even their business partners, which forms a new e-commerce ecosystem that is quite different from the rest of the world.

How do you keep up to date with the Digital Marketing Trends in China?

I not only oversee the sentiments of consumers online on a day-to-day basis, but I also have in-depth knowledge on the latest updates and features coming out of the biggest social media platforms of China. My solid understanding of Digital Marketing Trends comes from my long experience of extensively working with numerous companies for the Chinese market.

Why should I hire you as a trainer?

Because of my deep understanding of modern Chinese consumers and China’s digital landscape, I have helped educate the teams of mid to big size multinational corporations on how to develop key themes, execute marketing campaigns, and plan digital marketing strategies for a variety of industries. I have offered training for many big brands’ marketing teams, such as Yandex, Adobe, Shiseido, etc. I can also offer insights on China’s best practices for domestic markets as I have experience training a large corporate team on the topic.

How will you prepare a training curriculum for my team?

The training curriculum will be customized according to your learning outcomes and existing knowledge of a particular topic. I will first get an understanding of your pain points and expected outcomes from this training. I will then create a tailor-made curriculum according to your specific situation which can then be modified by you if you find any needed changes. You would have a say on the kind of content that I will be training your team with.

What if my team has questions after training?

There is a 15-minute Q&A session included in each training where you and your team are free to ask me any questions related to the topic of the training as well as the content delivered. You are also still welcome to set up a call with me if you run into any more further questions or problems after the training has ended.

What materials do you need from us for the training?

Before the training begins, I will send you a digital form, inquiring about the details of the training and specific learning needs that you and your team are looking for. The basic information required from your end includes your company background, your team’s profile, your previous experience with China digital marketing, your topics of interest, and most importantly, the pain points and the outcomes that you’re looking for.


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