Weibo Statistics: Q2 2017 Financial Report

On August 9th, Weibo released its financial report for Q2 2017, revealing the latest Weibo statistics.

By the end of June this year, the number of monthly active users (MAU) and daily active users (DAU) on Weibo reached 361 million and 159 million respectively. In terms of financials, their total revenue reached 1.73 billion RMB, with a total profit of 592 million RMB.

Following positive earnings, Weibo’s stock price rose again on August 9th, with its stock value exceeding 20 billion USD for the first time.

Now let’s take a closer look:

1. Core statistics Weibo statistics

1 核心数据

2. The number of active users on Weibo has been on a steady increase

2 活跃用户稳步增长

a. Monthly active users (MAU): 361 million

b. Daily active users (DAU): 159 million

3. Financial revenue witnessed accelerated growth Weibo statistics

3 营收加速增长

4. Weibo has been committed to gaining more users and doing so more efficiently

4 提升用户获取效率

a. Deepened strategic cooperation with domestic smartphone manufacturers

b. Comprehensive partnerships with TV stations and online video platforms

c. Continuing to roll out and improve individualized news feeds that cater to each user’s interests

5. Weibo has been striving to build a content ecosystem with diversified content

5 构建多元化内容生态

a. Short videos have become very popular

b. Weibo is also encouraging content creators to produce more material for its most popular content categories.

6. Weibo is unlocking its value in social media marketing

6 释放社交营销压力

a. Brand advertisements

b. Small and medium-sized businesses and valued added service ads

c. Value-added services

What do you think of Weibo’s recent performance? Do you think Weibo have the potentials you are looking for in terms of Chinese social media marketing?

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